October Event: Biosimilars Market Overview – Business Development Perspective

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BioTech Annecto Montreal is pleased to invite you to a presentation by our special guest Leandro Mieravilla, Global Manager Biosimilars at Cassara Biotech Canada, entitled:


Biosimilars Market Overview: Business development perspective

 Many questions surround biosimilars. How they differ from generics? What are the current investment trends and who are the main biosimilars market players? The global interest in biosimilars is growing and represents a ton of opportunities. We will discuss the impact of biosimilars and answer as many questions as possible about them. 


Leandro Mieravilla

With over twenty two years of national and global experience in marketing and business development with biosimilar and biotechnology products, Leandro Mieravilla is eager to share his expertise with global perspective at Canadian and Latin America markets.


Who is invited?

Professionals in the following industries: pharmaceuticals, CROs, biotechnology, medical technology, health care and biomedical research, as well as people seeking opportunities to enlarge their professional network in life science industries.

When and Where?

6:30pm to 9pm on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

L’Île Noire pub, 1649 St Denis St, Montreal, QC H2X 3K4



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