February Event : Commercialization of Specialty Medications through Patient-Centric Solutions

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BioTech Annecto Montreal is pleased to announce a presentation by our esteemed guest Ron Kolanitch, BSc, MBA, Director, Programs at Innomar Strategies (AmerisourceBergen) entitled:


Commercialization of Specialty Medications through Patient-Centric Solutions

Innomar partners with manufacturers as early as 2 years before they launch their drug in Canada, or with those who have already received market approval from Health Canada.

The presentation will provide attendees with an overview of :

a) some of the hurdles that manufacturers need to consider before they can bring their specialty medication to market, ensuring that patients who need the medication can get access and,

b) explain how Innomar has become a market leader using a patient-centric approach when working with manufacturers and, of course, patients.

Ron will also address some of the challenges that Innomar faces from a patient support program (PSP) perspective.


Ron Kolanitch joined Innomar Strategies in 2016. As Director, Specialty Programs, Ron leads a team of more than 60 associates responsible for managing 6 Patient Support programs. His team has assisted nearly 15,000 patients in getting access to the specialty products they need. Ron’s focus on ensuring the positive impact that Patient Support Programs have on the lives of patients and caregivers has helped Innomar continue to be a leader in the market.
Ron has a Bachelors (Chemistry) and MBA from McGill University and, prior to joining Innomar built a successful career in marketing, business intelligence and corporate development roles.

Who is invited?

Professionals in the following industries: pharmaceuticals, CROs, biotechnology, medical technology, health care and biomedical research, as well as people seeking opportunities to enlarge their professional network in life science industries.

When and Where?

6:30pm to 9pm on Tuesday February 5, 2019

Siboire Brewpub, 5101 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2T 1R9



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