April Event: Digital Evolution in Pharma!

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BioTech Annecto Montreal is pleased to invite you to a presentation by our special guest Élodie Martin, Medical Digital Community Manager at Sanofi , entitled:


Digital Evolution in Pharma

Pharmaceutical industry is innovative when it comes to development of new therapies, manufacturing processes and business practices. However, this industry is notoriously far behind other industries whenever it comes to digital communications and online presence. A rigid regulatory environment, a long product development cycle and an extremely customer base approach have all contributed to a delay in adaptation to digital trends. As the digital evolution is no longer optional, the pace of changes seen in the industry is frantic. Like Uber for the taxi industry, new non-traditional players in the healthcare space and new consumers’ expectations are raising the bar when it comes to digital services. While e-commerce, digital marketing and virtual sales visits are shaping the commercial side of pharma, digital innovation is also needed on the medical side. The presentation will briefly mention the ways the medical function can benefit from a digital overhaul, both for internal ways of communication, a product development, and interaction with customers.


Élodie Martin completed a BSc in Biology at McGill and MSc in Molecular Biology at Université de Montreal. Unsure about what direction to take, she then enrolled in a PhD program in pharmacology at McGill only to discover that research in an academic setting was not for her, and left to explore regulatory affairs in a consulting company. After working for 12 years in regulatory affairs in various settings ranging from consulting to generics to innovative companies, Élodie decided to join the Sanofi medical team as a digital lead. In this role, she is looking for innovative and cost efficient ways to leverage new or existing digital channels to enhance the reach of the medical experts that serve the medical community.


Who is invited?

Professionals in the following industries: pharmaceuticals, CROs, biotechnology, medical technology, health care and biomedical research, as well as people seeking opportunities to enlarge their professional network in life science industries.

When and Where?

6:30pm to 9pm on Tuesday April 30, 2019

Siboire Brewpub, 5101 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2T 1R9



$15 (up to 48h before the event) / $20 regular price

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