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September Event with BioFuelNet Canada: Cleantech Panel Discussion

10/09/2013 - 06:30 PM
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BioTech Annecto is partnering up with BioFuelNet Canada and the Research Unit on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development of the Forest Biorefinery (Polytechnique Montréal) to bring together the biofuel community in Montreal around the topic:

Biofuels in Canada: Where do we stand? Where are we going?



In May 2013, global atmospheric CO2 levels exceeded 400 parts per million (ppm), up from just 310 ppm only 60 years ago. The reasons for promoting the use of biofuels are therefore easily understood. They are not only beneficial in terms of CO2 emissions reduction but also in terms of decentralized energy production, security of supply, less dependency on imported energy and long term readiness for shortages in the supply of fossil energy. Also, biofuels are usually locally produced and harvested, generating jobs and income in rural areas.


During the evening, we have the privilege to host 3 internationally known speakers in the field of biofuels: Dr. Donald Smith, Dr. Jean Paris and Ms. Marie-Hélène Labrie.


Dr. Donald Smith has been conducting research on the production and physiology of crop plants for the 26 years at McGill University. He is the CEO of the NCE-funded ($5 million per year) BioFuelNet Canada as well as the McGill Network for Innovation in Biofuels and Bioproducts and the Eastern Canadian Oilseed Development Initiative network ($2 million per year).


Dr. Jean Paris is the head of the Research Unit on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development of the Forest Biorefinery at Polytechnique Montréal. Among his many topics of expertise, he investigates the design of green biorefineries by conducting research on integrated analysis and simulation of pulp and paper processes, system closure, mass and energy integration of processes, and energy conversion (absorption heat pumps).


Ms. Marie-Hélène Labrie is the Vice President, Government Affairs and Communications of Enerkem. Ms. Labrie is a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, the Canadian Bioenergy Association (CanBio) and the Mississippi Energy Institute. She is also Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of Écotech Québec, a cleantech cluster, and represents the company at the Advanced Ethanol Council and the Canadian Cleantech Coalition.


Ile Noire

1649 St Denis
Montreal, QC H2X 3K4


Time: 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm


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Cost: $25 (up to 48 hrs before event), $30 (at the door; cash only). Drinks not included in the price. Bar is available.


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